England – too much hype?

I am not a big soccer fan. Sorry, football. But I noticed how everyone was talking about England and how they were shocked when they lost.

Granted that it was a great match, but didn’t they have a self-goal? Didn’t the highest paid player David “Posh Spice’s husband” Beckham miss a penalty kick? Didn’t he miss one earlier?

The English media elevates their teams and players to the highest levels. Case in point – Tim Henman. Any time he reaches the quarters of a Grand Slam, the talk starts. There is in fact a Henmania at Wimbledon every year.

Another case in point – the cricket team. Teams like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka have won the World Cup, but England has not. In fact, I can’t remember the last time England won a significant tournament. This is after the fact that their domestic cricket structure is probably the most well-developed.

Is all the hype and hoopla around the English teams and players worth it?


4 thoughts on “England – too much hype?

  1. The Poms are losers. They will find 101 excuses when they do not win. Like Owen said after this loss too, that penalty kicks is no way to go out. And that how, in the last world cup too, they were denied a goal that was really theirs… etc. Like they are always right, because they are “English”.. please.. win some and then talk!

  2. When England finds excuses for their soccer teams its but natural. Doesn’t indian cricket team find excuses why they lost the world cup final …its but natural. India hypes the indian cricket team. India hypes the hockey tam. India hypes Leander Paes and Bhupathi. If you read indian papers you would think they’re as big as agassi and sampras were in their times…and the hype around narain karthikeyan…he didn’t even get to drive a minardi and they treat him like schumi back home.England is a sports crazy country why shouldn’t they elevate their teams and supprt them …its but natural. Guess americans have no ‘US team’ to supprt. all they can say is…”Way to go Lakers”…oops…hey those are not laker players anymore they’re spurs or is he now nets…well whatever.

  3. RPM says:

    Great comment, pups. About Indian media hyping up their players and teams just like the English media. But tell me one thing – when was the last time England or an Englishman won any title worth mentioning? The hype still continues.As for India, after the World Cup win in 1983, there was the Benson and Hedges Cup in Australia. Then after some draught, with this current team, we won some tournaments of note. Heck, we even won the Hero Cup. The World Cup loss was bad, but I think it was worth the hype, at least to reach the finals. Paes and Bhupathi have won 3 out of 4 Grand Slams a few years back. And they continue to do well with their current partners. I guess Bhupathi and Myrni are in the top 5 consistently for the past so many months, if not years. So I would say the hype is quite justified. The only team that has let the hype down is the Indian hockey team, but I think it is subject to some politics. Dhanraj and the selection committee have been having problems and he was dropped for some major tournaments and stuff, right? In general, the hype in India is justified, but not so in England – no?

  4. They lose again!! Playing at home, with a “new and improved” team, and with relatively less competent teams (I mean, they are not Australia or India!), England is going to miss out on the finals. West Indies and New Zealand make it… Awesome. I am so thrilled to read that..

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