Is he the greatest?

Well, it is never nice to compare sportspersons from different eras, but it is just too difficult to resist saying that Michael Schumacher is the best Formula 1 driver ever.

This past weekend he won yet another race this season – the French GP. That makes it 9 out of 10. And if you consider that the one race he did not finish, he was leading and was taken out by Juan Pablo, it could have been a perfect season so far for him.

Well, in my books, it is still a perfect season. I am not blaming people who say it has become a boring sport, with such dominance from one competitor (Schumi, as well as Ferrari being ‘the competitor’). But interestingly enough, the race for the rest of the spots is quite a good one.

I am rooting for Renault – I love Trulli and Alonso. Hopefully they will beat out Rubinho at the end 🙂


4 thoughts on “Is he the greatest?

  1. I think Senna was the best F1 driver ever. Outside of a few seasons, he never had the best equipment yet was regularly the fastest driver on the circuit. Michael has had the best car in at least seven seasons. He’s clearly more dominating than Senna, but I think that’s as much his cars as his talent. I also think Senna drove against stiffer competition (Prost, Mansell, Piquet, Roseberg, Lauda, etc.) whereas Schumacher has had little competition other than Hakkinen, Senna and the Williams of the late ’90s. I too would love to see others win this season. I’m rooting for Alonso and Montoya to pick up a few wins. I’d also love to see BAR finally in winner’s circle.

  2. RPM says:

    I totall agree with you on the competition. Schumi’s competition today (Kimi, DC, Jp, Ralf, Alonso, Trulli and Barichello) are nobodies in comparison to Senna’s competition at the time. Just based on that, of course, I would say Senna was better than how Schumi is today. But I am talking more about the dominance and the will to win even after achieving pretty much everything there is to achieve as a driver.

  3. Don’t think we can compare Senna and Schumi in terms of talent. Unfair to both.One may say Schumi has the best possible car…Look at what levels michael has raised Ferrari to…from nothing to four championships in a row.One may say Senna had more competetion than Schumi ….but maybe if schumi had the sam edrivers he may still have won…its hypothetical..This era has seen more races in a season, more teams participating,more new circuits than Senna’s times…maybe he would have survived it and maybe not.

  4. RPM says:

    It is a hypothetical comparison. And I know and I admit that it is not the best thing to do. But the sheer dominance of this one driver over the past few years has started this thought process in my mind. Are we seeing the most complete driver ever? Are we seeing the greatest?

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