Roddick is overrated and overhyped

Despite what people said was a thrilling Wimbledon finals match, I think Andy Roddick is overrated. He has a good serve, but his overall game is hyped up here in the US and most of the European players are better than him on paper at least.

Mentally, he has the edge over them and that is key, no doubt. But besides his serve and some attacking groundstrokes, he does not have that complete package to beat someone like Federer consistently.

But unlike my point about England being uselessly hyped, I think Roddick is at least somewhat worthy of the hype.


2 thoughts on “Roddick is overrated and overhyped

  1. RPM says:

    Well, I cannot comment much on what he is going to be. As of today though, the American media has hyped him too much for what he really is. There are too many other players in the world who play better than him.

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