Not that I like Cricinfo that much

But their choice for World XI’s to face Australia had poor Dravid as wicketkeeper.

Also, VVS ended up being 12th man in the test team because Kallis is an all rounder. But Sehwag as a test opener? Wow!

Wonder what those guys were thinking??


2 thoughts on “Not that I like Cricinfo that much

  1. Not really a comment..just wanted to say HI and say I am checkin it out in the morning so this is the new morning thing for me ..keep it interesting otherwise i’ll go bak to some other boards 😛 pressure’s on~!

  2. RPM says:

    Well, hope you have read all my posts. And hope it has been interesting thus far. The trend is going to be the same. A lot of sports-related posts, a lot of links to other websites/articles and some family/personal stuff thrown in once in a while.

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