In addition to what is mentioned on Blogger 101

There is one more thing I forgot to mention – profile and sharing profile.

Another thing you can do is create your own profile (so others with similar interests may find you) and also, share it. Sharing a profile makes it visible if someone clicks on your Display Name.

When you log into blogger, you see the Dashboard. On there, you will see a link to Edit Profile.

Uncheck ‘Show my real name’ if you don’t want others to see your real name. They will only be able to see the Display Name.

Uncheck ‘Show my email address’ to make it invisible to others.

Show my blogs. This one is used to hide your blogs from others who see your profile. Of course, your blogs are always visible to users if they know the address. But let’s say you don’t want someone to see one of your blogs, if you have more than one. In that case, you can decide to ‘show’ only the ones that you want to show.

For example, you can have a personal blog for jotting down your thoughts and not make it public. In that case, just show the public blog and keep this personal blog hidden.

Photograph and Audio Clip will be empty for now. Once you move to advanced stage, you can start experimenting with those things.

From ‘General’ onwards, the more you put, the more you will match with others. I personally did not put the year of birth, so my age is not known.

Also, in the interests, movies, music, etc. sections, make sure you put the name of the movie, band, singer, etc. correctly and separated with commas. What this will enable is clicking on the name, so that you can find people with similar interests.

Hope this helps!


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