I feel happy for Sri Lanka

They were able to survive the last day and somehow manage a draw. To get a draw against these rampaging Aussies is a big deal. Especially after they put up such a huge score in the first innings. And especially after a collapse in the final innings from Sri Lanka.

Their lower middle order and the tail somehow survived some tough times at the end of a dark final session. Warne has equaled the world record for wickets, but Murali is going to win that race for sure.

Congratulations, Lanka. Now, please stay in that test match mode, because you are in India’s group for the Asia Cup 🙂


One thought on “I feel happy for Sri Lanka

  1. And that after Murali was kept out of the series by a mix of media pressure, Aussie pressure, Aussie PM and what not.. and to still come out with a draw.. thats good.

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