What’s involved in gaining the inside track?

How does one get on the inside track of someone else they know? To get the scoop. To be the buddy.

Does it involve give-and-take? I tell you something first and then you tell me? Or is it mostly the warmth, the charm, etc.? There are people who are instantly within the inner circle, but there are others who just don’t get through that sphere.

And the issue can get more complex if you involve not just person A to person B, but also person A, person B and person C. You see it all the time – friends, family, work, everywhere. Everyone trying to get into everyone else’s circles/spheres. Not all make it.

And when these persons interact on a regular basis, it could become critical for all to be in each other’s spheres or none to be. Or else…..


5 thoughts on “What’s involved in gaining the inside track?

  1. to get on the inside tract of someone is not about you telling something first and then the other person telling something…its basically how close you are with someone and how high the level of trust is..i guess its also being comfortable enough to talk to the person about certain things..and if you want to be on the inside track just talking more and trying to be more involved (b/c you want to, not b/c you want to be “in the know” or find out something)..show an interest in the person’s life thats genuine .. does that answer your question? hope so!

  2. RPM says:

    I guess so. I know it is easier said than done. And I also want to clarify it is not only about me. It is a general question. More philosophical than practical.

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