Keep on running

Days are flying by. It is already Thursday. Day 11. I sometimes wonder if there will be a day when I look back and say, why the hell did I do the things I did. Wasn’t there a better way to spend the life?

Maybe it is just a philosophical thought, as very powerfully said in Pink Floyd’s song Time:

“And you run and you run

To catch up with the sun

But it’s sinking,

Racing around, to come up behind you again

The sun is the same in the relative way

But you’re older

Shorter of breath,

One day closer to death”

Just keep running.


3 thoughts on “Keep on running

  1. They say ” Stop and smell the flowers “. Everyone has to take a deep breath and enjoy the sense of being here. Thank your parents and the almighty of bringing us to life.Enjoy your life….

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