The whole world is turning pregnant on us!

Wow. What and eventful Wednesday evening it was. We were all talking about a friend whose wife (also a friend) is pregnant in her 6th month.

Then, as we were getting ready to go eat, another friend stopped us and said that they have an announcement to make. And boom, they said they were expecting their child in Jan! And we had not even let that thought sink when another friend casually said that they were also expecting their kid in Jan!


Wow! Wow!

Suddenly, we are in a minority here, in the ‘non expecting’ couple category.

Wow! Still shaken up a bit from the news.

First it was my roommate from LA, though it’s been a long long time (2 years?).

Then it was my roommate from DC. Their kid is about 2-3 months old.

Then it was my cousin. Their kid is about 2 weeks old.

The other day I met a friend who was visiting from India. His kid is 22 months old!

We met this friend at a common friend’s place. Their kid is 4 months old!

Then the other friend in the 6th month.

And now, add these two to the list.

Suddenly, the talk was about morning sickness, exercises, OB-GYN, common doctors, hospitals, stroller valet, etc.

Things are changing so fast around me. Need to come to grips with reality. 🙂


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