Yahoo Licio Us? was bought by Yahoo a day or two ago. And today, I get this message:

“ is down for maintenance. we’ll be back in one hour.”

Any connections???


2 thoughts on “Yahoo Licio Us?

  1. While I doubt that there are any connections, the timing is pretty lucky for They cashed out just in time. In the mean time, I thought that you might like to check out Perhaps you might find it to be a delicious alternative. If you do end up checking out our site, I would love to hear your thoughts since we are always eager to hear feedback from our members on how to take our service to the next level! Mike

  2. RPM says:

    Mike,I just signed up on blinklist. What I want is an ability in blogger to tag comments directly to blinklist. I have a script running (thanks to FreshBlog for that) currently that tags my posts automatically to Technorati and Delicious. Do you know of any script that will let me tag my posts to blinklist?

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