Christmas weekend is over

No, I am not a Christian. But I will still call this weekend that went by, the ‘Christmas weekend’ as opposed to the ‘Holiday weekend’. Much has been made of the usage of the word ‘Christmas’ in this politically correct world.

But as far as I am concerned, I had a holiday today because yesterday was Christmas, and it happened to be on a Sunday. And because of that, I got the Monday off. So for me, it is a Christmas holiday.

Of course, like all good weekends, time flew by very quickly. And it was quite a satisfying weekend too.

Firstly, the wife’s best friend came over with her husband from Sacramento and we spent some quality time with them, chatting about their past and talking about reality. Of course, we ended up having a lot of Indian food because they are deprived of quality Indian food there in Sacramento.

Then, we had a friend’s housewarming-cum-Christmas party to go to. It was great fun because pretty much everyone we expected to be there, was there. We played White Elephant, had good food, some shots, some dancing and best of all, ended the evening with chocolate fondue! The night ended at about 2am and it was worth it!

Today the wife and I met up with a cousin and had a good lunch. Watched a pathetic movie after that (more on The Family Stone in a different post) and here I am, ready to go back to work tomorrow. Want to get done with the next week quickly so that I get my real vacation after that. From next Friday on, I go on a 10 day vacation!


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