The Patriots are lurking

Don’t count the New England Patriots out … or I should say, don’t forget the Pats yet. They are not having a stellar year, but they have won the division and could potentially get #3 seed in the AFC. Which means they will play at home in the wild card round, and which means they have a good chance of winning the game!

Corey Dillon’s absence was a big factor in their slump through the middle of the season and I think the Pats are going to cause a few upsets in the AFC. I am not sure if they will go all the way to the Super Bowl, especially given the Colts’ emotional issues, but they will cause a few upsets for sure.

Can’t wait for the playoffs to start.


2 thoughts on “The Patriots are lurking

  1. RPM says:

    I think Chicago is the sleeper team in the NFC. People are overlooking them because they have been pretty bad of late, but I think their defense can easily handle Seattle. If the offense can score some points, they could be in Detroit!

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