Bangalore police claim to have leads

Bangalore police seem to have some leads. I say just go through a swift trial and punish them in such a way that in the future, terrorists will be afraid to even plan such a thing.

I feel like writing so many words that I would not normally speak or write, and no, it is not because they are hard to understand, they are just inappropriate in public domain.

Anyway, hope to see some quick findings and arrests.


6 thoughts on “Bangalore police claim to have leads

  1. hmm .. The Delhi police claims to have had knowledge (or had interrogated) of a so called “hit list” in Bangalore !!The findings and/or possible arrests wont be somthing of a surprise

  2. Swift trials and harsh punishment won’t help. These are people that are born and brought up to kill and nothing else.There is nothing one can do except embrace it. Nothing you do can stop them and I find it unfair complaining about the police. They can act on a tip, and they almost always have.But if you or me see something suspicious we just move on. We don’t bother telling the cops. How would it work?

  3. RPM says:

    @Reza: Did not point fingers at Pakistan (not directly at least). I know these cowards (Lashkar et al) are just trying to create some noise and they need to be punished.

  4. Is the hatred against Pakistan is the only thing which is keeping us together? Brace yourself we’ve got more enemies. Can we guess why the people who we have helped to liberate are now going against us?Inspired fromThe US “war on terrorism” has concentrated its efforts in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the report said. Although India has repeatedly warned against Bangladesh turning into a terrorist hideout, the US considers the battlefront to be elsewhere, thus providing a free run for extremists in India.See for full article.On a side note, my friend from Pakistan who happened to be a Christian told me Pakistan got several problems of hers, from minority issue to religious issues but they all get united against the hatred for India. Which he is sure is used in every aspect of politics even keeping the army to rule and most of the Pakistanis hate Army rule. A great post about the partition

  5. RPM says:

    In India, it is well-known that Bangladesh is the most open route for the terrorists to spread out in India. Bangladesh has done nothing, and the corrupt politicians in West Bengal and other states are too busy making money on the side to be bothered about securing the borders and driving the illegals out. Sigh.

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