USC is still a better football team

I think I agree with Leinart. I think USC was the better football team. Vince Young made the key plays when it mattered, and USC did not.

But again, in the end, what matters is the score at 0:00 remaining. And it was Texas 41, USC 38.


Note: I promise not to rant anymore about the Trojans loss (sounds weird to even type it – has been so long! πŸ™‚ )


11 thoughts on “USC is still a better football team

  1. ER says:

    I couldn’t agree with you less. Leinart’s comments were so arrogant sounding for anyone not living in California. They got beat. He played a great game and they still got beat. Leinart should have acknowledged that. At least this year we have the first undisputed national champion in the last two years.Happy 2006

  2. RPM says:

    I don’t respond to anonymous comments.@ER: I think USC was the better team. Leinart did acknowledge that Vince Young carried the Texas team. And why not? He has the talent to do it. He ran virtually wherever he wanted. He was not tackled at all in the first 4 or 5 yards of any of his rushes. He could and did win it for the team single handedly. I think Leinart was saying that overall USC was better than Texas. If two things had happened in the first half – Reggie Bush not making a critical mistake (USC could have been 14-0 then), and Vince’s kneeldown lateral reviewed (possibly only 3 points from that drive for Texas), things would have been very different. USC got beat, yes. But Texas did not beat them. Vince Young beat them. You can bask in the glory this year. We’ve been there, done a lot of that and got the t-shirt. On to spring camp. Who will be the next Heisman winner from the Trojans? πŸ˜‰

  3. Coulda woulda shoulda. I am disappointed as hell that we lost. I’m not interested in what if. The game is over. Take a breather and let’s focus on spring football and what we have to look forward to in the fall. Is White staying? Will it be Booty or Sanchez.It’s been a great run and I have had a blast with all the great things these teams have done over the last three years. It’s time to focus on the future. GO TROJANS! FIGHT ON!!

  4. My heartfelt sympathies to you on this loss. It almost seems like a personal loss! So sorry it happened this way.. so near, yet so far..

  5. RPM says:

    @spm: thanks, it is not easy to get used to a loss. Never mind that it was the first one after 34 games. Never mind that we have won 48 of the last 52. Never mind that along the way we won two national championships and if not for one play, the third one too. A loss is a loss. And yes, a close loss breaks the heart. But on the other hand, there are promising signs for the future. Even if we lose Leinart, White and Bush, we have a lot of offensive players coming back and the defense is mostly going to stay intact. And we have a good schedule to start with for the next season.Fingers crossed.

  6. “USC got beat, yes. But Texas did not beat them. Vince Young beat them.”Last I checked Vince Young plays for Texas. And Vince Young didn’t stop USC on that 4th and 2. Vince Young didn’t hold Reggie Bush to under 100 rushing yards either.USC is not the better overall team. Texas has a much better defense and averaged more points than USC this year. Seems pretty clear to me, especially after the game.

  7. RPM says:

    Yes, is that the same defense that ‘held’ Leinart to 365 yards, or Lendale White to 124 yards on 20 rush or Dwayne Jarrett to 121 yards in 10 receptions? USC got beat. But only by vince Young. Ifs and buts will continue, but the bottomline is that USC was the better team, but Vicne Young carried the Texas team to victory. Take Vince Young out of the equation and you will see the Texas would have struggled to win the game. And it is clear that Vince is the difference maker because ‘experts’ have already started putting their way look-ahead preseason as Texas/Ohio State/USC with the disclaimer that Vince Young has to play. If he goes, Texas is not even in the top 5 for next year. No, USC got beat, but not by Texas. Only by Vince Young. There is no point talking about the season because it all came down to one game (just like there was not point in talking about previous seasons for Reggie Bush’s Heisman legitimacy). And in that game, Texas did not beat USC – the freak Young came up with the plays to beat USC.

  8. I have to agree with you and Matt. USC was the better team- just not that night. That’s what made the loss tough. And as you know its the win that counts. But I am excited about next year and will be going to the Arkansas game to cheer them on. FIGHT ON

  9. RPM says:

    This season, I do want to see at least the one Bay Area game, and a couple of games in LA. I am not sure which ones I will pick – perhaps ND towards the end of the season?

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