NFL Picks Divisional Playoffs

I went 4 of 4 last weekend.

This week’s picks:

Seattle beats Washington
Carolina beats Chicago

New England beats Denver
Pittsburgh beats Indianapolis (yes, upset special)

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6 thoughts on “NFL Picks Divisional Playoffs

  1. RPM says:

    @supremus: Redskins barely made it to the playoffs and they have a good game but they are going to find it difficult to beat a confident, powerful Seahawks team. If Redskins can somehow stop Shaun Alexander they have a chance. Otherwise, it is buh bye. As for Pittsburgh, I think they are a pretty strong team and if everyone stays healthy they can surely beat Indy. Remember, Indy has not played a serious game for quite some time now. I think Pittsburgh can stop Peyton Manning and if you cut him off, you have a great chance to beat them.

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