A bad week for USC

Looks like it was a good week for USC. Here’s why:

1. Unless you have been living under a rock (or maybe outside California, which is the same thing 😉 ), you know that USC lost the National Championship defense at the Rose Bowl.

2. Carson Palmer made a fabulous throw on the second play for Cincinnati in their first post-season appearance since 1990 (?) and a second later what he felt was painful even on TV! The lineman fell on Palmer’s knee and the way it bent was just excruciating to watch on TV.

3. Troy Polamalu gave up a 15-yard penalty for unsporsmanlike conduct which made coach Cowher to talk about composure in the game.

4. Lendale White may declare himself available for the NFL draft! No Thunder, No Lightning.

Of course Willie McGinest had a wonderful night. So that makes up for some of the bad news.

But in general, not a good week for USC.


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