This LSU whining is never going to stop

Looks like the jealousy is not stopping. There are people trying to get USC to look bad because the media made it a 3-Pete story.

LSU fans, Texas fans, please stop it. It makes you look worse every day that passes with you trying to put USC down.

For your pleasure, I have this worthwhile link from Jan 5, 2004. Enjoy.

I am not going to be responding to any 1-peat or No-Pete nonsense anymore. Done for now.

On to 2006!

Update (1/13/2006): Right after I posted this, I see a this on Trojans Football News. Yes, stop this one-peat business.


2 thoughts on “This LSU whining is never going to stop

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  2. You sir, obviously don’t know Tiger football.You think you have a fan base… you only think you do.Unless you have the glass trophy in your possession from the 2004 Sugar Bowl, you are not national champions. Possessions is 9/10th the law mate. Congrats on your 1 National Title.

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