Offline sudoku is tough

Long long time ago, I had mentioned about Sudoku, and later I even managed to solve it online. Of course, after that I have managed to solve the medium and hard levels and I sometimes time myself on the easy just for kicks.

It has been a long time since I worked on it online. This morning I took it up in the airlines magazine. I must say, offline sudoku is tough. I had a pencil with an eraser and trust me, I erased a lot. Strangely, I erased more in the ‘easy’ grid. In fact I solved one easy, one medium and one hard. I could not solve (not in time at least) one easy grid!

Anyway, the fun thing about it is that by the time I take the flight on Friday evening, I would have forgotten the grids so I can potentially solve it all over again! I will at least try to get that ‘easy’ one out of the way. Till then, it is going to bug me that I could not solve the easy one.


6 thoughts on “Offline sudoku is tough

  1. Online Sudoku is tough because you can’t write down most of the options for the harder puzzles. I’ve got a new Sudoku site that I’d invite you to try: Free Daily Sudoku. You can sign up for a daily puzzle by email and print it out so you can work on it offline. Thanks!

  2. Since I have only done offline ones, I think they are doable, with a clear strategy to it. Time is the next frontier.. to do it fast! I took the same SW mag as you mention and 2 of the 4 were already done (the easier two). Did the tougher ones quickly though. And thought about how they can call these difficult as the ones in India’s dailies appear a lot tougher, each day..!

  3. RPM says:

    Anonymous ignored.@SPM: Yes, the medium and hard ones were quite easy. That #1 grid was for some reason tough. Will crack it on the way back though. Maybe I was having a brain freeze.

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