Would you let a Marine go ahead?

As I was waiting for my flight from the Bay Area to San Diego in the Southwest ‘A’ line, I noticed that a young Marine walked up and went behind me in the line. Actually, there was one other person behind me and the Marine was behind that person.

When the boarding announcement was made and the line started moving, the gentleman behind me asked the Marine to go ahead of him, and then, the lady in front of me asked him to go ahead of her too!

Now, I understand that he is doing something brave and bold by enlisting himself in the Marines. I also understand that he is serving the country and it is a huge honor.

But I would not have let him go ahead just because he is a Marine. I let ladies go ahead of me if we were at the line at the same time. I would let elders go ahead of me regardless. I would let ladies take my seat if I was sitting and they were standing (not applicable to planes of course). I would let elders take my seat.

But armed forces? No. Why should I? I don’t think I am insulting them but I am just trying to make a point that they are honorable but not so much that you let them take your seat or take your place in lines.


6 thoughts on “Would you let a Marine go ahead?

  1. Would I let him go ahead of me? Absolutely!!But I am biased, I served.They go through enough hardships regardless of whether they volunteer or not. Regardless of whether you agree with the current conflict or not. I realize that you did not state if you agreed with it or not.One of these days a conflict will break out where we as a nation will all agree that military action will needed and these are the people who will defend us so I have no problem letting them go ahead in line

  2. I wouldn’t let them go ahead either. Its interesting b/c I never head of anyone doing this … but yeah, I wouldnt let them go ahead. Theres no reason for it IMO. -BSBCuzin

  3. RPM says:

    @Paragon SC: For some reason my comment after yours got lost in blogger-land. Anyway, what I was trying to say that irrespective of whether I agree with the conflict or not, just because the person is in the armed forces does not mean I would let him go ahead of me.If you speak of hardships, there are a lot of other people having a lot of other hardships – physical and emotional. They just don’t wear uniforms to announce their hardships. What is their fault? Why not let them go ahead? Where will we stop? Should we have another line in addition to the pre-boarding line, called ‘Hardships Line’? And I am not trying to get into a for and against conflict argument. This has nothing to do with the conflict. This is just a manner/unwritten rule question I ask myself. I say that I would not let them go just because of the uniform. That’s all.

  4. RPM says:

    @Rajesh: Oh yes, I missed that point. He should have said ‘No, Thank You’ of course! He should have realized that he is able-bodied, and does not need any push up.

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