I cannot afford it – Hummer

As I was walking out of the pizza place where I had lunch, I overheard two ladies. Seemed like one of them was meeting the other after some time, or for the first time or something. Point is, she did not know which car her friend was driving.

As they were walking, the ‘guest’ asked her friend which was her car. And the friend pointed in a general direction and said that one. The most noticeable car in that direction was a shining Hummer. So this ‘guest’ lady asked ‘What? The Hummer?’. And I did not like the response: ‘Yea, right. If only I could afford it’

Wrong answer lady. What you should have said is ‘Are you kidding me? A gas guzzler like that? No way. I would never.’

Perhaps even something sarcastic like ‘The American troops need something like this in Iraq, I don’t need a tank to get groceries.’

It is about time we realize the worthlessness of gas guzzlers like Hummer (1, 2 or 3). It is about time we consciously made a decision to spare the environment. Neglect will only make life more and more difficult for us when we are older, and definitely our kids when they grow up.

It is tough to make someone understand today that what they are doing is spoiling the earth because it is not clearly visible to their eyes at this moment. And of course, scientific studies and results will only be garbage to them. But the more we read, the more we understand.

Spare the earth. Stop driving cars that guzzle gas.


6 thoughts on “I cannot afford it – Hummer

  1. Tough indeed. I dont think it’s possible to ‘make people understand’. Atleast not in this country where a common man hasn’t realised the after effects yet.And states like TX where 4×4’s and trucks sell like hot cakes, its tough !!

  2. RPM says:

    @aarti: Check out hummer.com. It is an SUV built from the humvees used by the US Army. They are gas guzzlers and I am quite sure that they would have no place in any part of Europe because of their size as well as their pathetic gas mileage.

  3. RPM says:

    @rajesh: Some people do need trucks and they have to live with the high price of gas and low mileage of their trucks. But these SUV’s are not only impractical in terms of space but also quite bad in their fuel efficiency. That’s where my problem is.

  4. RPM says:

    From what I have read about psychology, the smaller your ‘assets’ the larger the car you want to drive ;-)But seriously, I think the car has become some sort of status symbol because people like Shaq and other hip hop singers use it. It apparently shows off power and pride. Even if you can afford the gas, my point is that the environment needs to be spared.

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