Federer wins another Slam

Federer won another Grand Slam, and this one was a lot tougher than his earlier ones. Tommy Haas took him to five sets, and Davydenko took him to 4 tough sets.

The finals was not easy either. He was down by 1 set and a 1 break and had to come back big time. I did not see the match but I was not surprised that it turned out like the way it did.

Congratulations to him … the only title missing from his huge collection is the French. Good luck to him.


2 thoughts on “Federer wins another Slam

  1. I did see the match. Good comeback by Federer. He has this habit of finding his way out of troubles and starts playing like a champ just when he needs to.Baghdatis is a good find of this years Australian open 😀

  2. RPM says:

    Yup, exactly – plays like a champ because he is a Champion. No doubts about it. But I feel players are catching up to him. Which is in a way good for the sport.

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