Rang De Basanti – a must watch

Watched Rang De Basanti yesterday. What a movie! I loved it. Not only is it a very well made movie, in terms of production quality and all that, but the message/story is well done.

The merger of the two timelines is shown beautifully, with the early twentieth century British India being compared to the current day India. The youth of current day India is shown as the typical careless youth who are given a dose of the revolutionaries through a documentary made by a grand daughter of a Britisher who had seen these revolutionaries first-hand.

I had no idea what to expect of the movie when I went there. The trailer just seemed interesting enough to make me go. Of course, the controversies that I read about increased my curiosity about the film. And I was surely impressed.

The actors have all done a good job. Even Soha Ali Khan Pataudi (wow, is that what she is going to call herself from now on?)! Of course Aamir Khan as DJ was great, and that’s what you have come to expect of him. The rest of the guys were all quite intense when needed, and very ‘good for nothing’-like when they were goofing off. Alice Patten was alright, but her Hindi was quite good!

The soundtrack is superb and I think I may buy it! The scenes shown in the movie are quite beautiful too. Delhi city pictures with a lot of India Gate stuff and the amphitheater they visit, were all wonderful to see. Just like Bluffmaster made a lot of Bombay shots look classic, this one does the same to Delhi. And then when they visit the fields and the place where they watch the planes take off, is picturesque in a different way.

And the second half was so intense, and with such meaning, it made all of us boil our blood. The politicians have taken the country for a ride for too long and something’s got to change. The path that the movie takes is quite a radical one, given that the backdrop was the life of Bhagat Singh, but still, with the media so powerful in India now, it is not so difficult to get heard. It is a matter of initiative and boldness.

About time we switched to real administration and not politicking.


8 thoughts on “Rang De Basanti – a must watch

  1. Aha … Nice review !! Was planning on watching it this week-end but ended up not doing so -maybe this sat/sun. Heard a lot in these coupla days – picturization, songs etc..etc.. a much needed break from a streak of flop movies last year !

  2. RPM says:

    Already Bluffmaster (I presume) is a hit. And now this one is a super hit. The theater near us had two consecutive days of sellout with shows every hour on the hour starting at 11am to 11pm!!! That’s a lot of shows to be sold out!

  3. Oh! Didn’t know that Bluffmaster is a hit too. We too had a total sellout on Sat (reason I couldn’t watch) and I am sure Sun. was a sellout too. And I know that it was a sellout in Tampa and Milpitas too πŸ˜€ …

  4. RPM says:

    @rishabh: thanks. I am not at USC anymore, but of course following their sports a lot (as you can tell from my earlier posts πŸ™‚ )Thanks for stopping by!

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