Oh ok – India has a Winter Olympics team

I did not realize that there was actually going to be an Indian ‘squad’ going to the Winter Olympics. What is ironic is that there are 4 athletes and 3 coaches! The proportion seems quite bad because the number of athletes is so small.

Anyway, good luck to them!


14 thoughts on “Oh ok – India has a Winter Olympics team

  1. RPM says:

    On second thoughts I decided to completely ignore the “Anonymous” comment. He/she had something to say about “Katrina Relief” which first of all does not apply to this post, and second of all, had foul language in it. Hence the deletion.

  2. Thank God there are only 4 coaches.Try checking out the Indian COntingent at next Commonwealth/Asiad/Olympics.The order is always as follows.Number of Official>Number of Coaches>Number of Players

  3. Its a good participaion I guess, considering the climatic conditions and infrastructure back in India. But then there is quite a participation from Aus/NZ and other countries and its high time we proved ourselves out there.But what’s with these ‘anon’ comments. I thought you had word verification turned on. Katrina Relief ??

  4. RPM says:

    Sorry FUSC. I have the power to delete comments and I will keep doing it till you stop using Louisiana style language. LSU just can’t stop whining about the stupid crystal ball. Keep it, its yours. No one has taken it away from you. Just accept that USC was the champion too that year. Oh, and just admit it that the USC alum has trumped your sorry little idea. Too bad for you. My sympathies. And as for Katrina relief, I will definitely contribute more, especially if it goes through a fellow alum. Come up with some better things to say and I may entertain your comments. I am not looking for any silly comment. Unlike at LSU (perhaps, going by the looks and smell of your comments), USC does teach manners and intellect. Sadly it is amiss in your words. Come back prepared and maybe you’ll have a shot.

  5. RPM says:

    @tarun: I think the number of coaches probably remains steady even if the squad strength goes up … for example, a hockey team will probably have one or two coaches, but the team itself will be 15 or so players. In any case, I am not interested in Winter Olympics much, so will pass. But I do know that NBC is going to bombard us with endless coverage so I may actually follow some of the events. @rajesh: Yes, it is about time we represent ourselves in the Winter Games. But then again, the money is not there so the motivation among anyone who does not live in North India to train for the Games is going to be quite low.

  6. what part of the manners did you learn included that if you give somebody something you have to do it through a person who uses to insult us. My problem is not with you giving money to the relief cause it is that you use it as a way to insult LSU fans. If you really wanted to do something for the people of louisiana you wouldn’t have to advertise it.

  7. RPM says:

    Thank for the kind comment, FUSC. Finally. As for insult – it is your guilt conscience that is making it seem like an insult. I am not sure if you are aware of some idiot who thought of spending 10K on a billboard in Los Angeles talking about how USC did not win the National Championship in 2003. If he were a true Louisiana native caring about Louisiana, he would have used that money for some noble purposes than fritter it away on some nonsensical thing. Naturally, it was going to create some reactions out of USC alums and one just stood up and said he will do two things – one, he will set up a corresponding billboard in Louisiana to counter this nonsense, and two, he will work for a worthy cause and collect donations for Katrina relief.I am not sure if there is an insult anywhere. If it is, it is your problem and your inferiority complex that is hurting you.I am sorry, but I will not be responding to any more of your comments on this topic. My view points are quite clear. Also, fyi, you have posted a comment on the wrong post.

  8. and one last thing. Like most people in Louisiana I had nothing to do with the studpid billboard in los angeles. I was not for that at all like most people at LSU. But two wrongs do not make a right. And by putting a reference to hurricane katrina in his billboard Kevin Robl more than crossed the line. Is that the kind of manners they teach you at USC. We did not put a reference to earthquakes in our billboard so i would think katrina would also be off limits.

  9. first off how do you know the lsu fan who put up the billboard in los angeles hasn’t given money to the relief cause. LSU students have given so much more than 10 thousand dollars. And most people at LSU STILL don’t know about the billboard in los angeles. And two wrongs don’t make a right so Kevin Robl is just as big of a dumbass as the lsu fan putting up the billboard in los angeles. And if kevin robl stood for giving money to katrina relief wouldn’t he have done it already. If you wanted to help the people here wouldn’t you have given something already. Why would you wait to use it as a way to get back at some dumbass who puts up a billboard.

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