Working from home

Working from home felt quite good this week. But I have concluded that I will not choose this option too much in the future. I don’t have a proper, comfortable desk to work at and I invariably ended up working on the bed or on the dining table. Also, I started work pretty much as soon as I woke up and ended it well into the night. Which is unhealthy.

Combined with the fact that this week was quite cloudy and dull through the days, it gave me very little motivation to keep pumped up.

Can’t say I am looking forward to the travel, but at least it will let me work at specific times.


4 thoughts on “Working from home

  1. RPM says:

    No, it did feel like I worked longer hours, and it did feel like I was under more pressure since I was not in the office. Ended up working hard, not hardly working.

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