A slight annoyance on this blog

Recently, out of nowhere, some idiot has started posting unnecessary stuff on the blog. Many of the readers of this blog would know this person and I am not going to put the name or anything here.

It started with some random comments about how me agreeing to donate to Katrina relief in addition to supporting the USCDynasty.com idea was bad. I responded, even though the comment was on a completely unrelated post. This person does not know that a comment is meant to relate to the original post to which it acts as a comment. Anyway, going from the subsequent comments I see from this person, it does not look like I should expect ANY intelligence from them.

Then, today was the pits. To my post about Rang De Basanti (watched it the second time), I saw 31 comments from the same pathetic loser and once again, the comment did not connect with the original post.

I have not lost it yet. I will patiently delete inappropriate comments from this person. When it becomes too much, I will have to report it to blogger (google) and get their email address blocked off for commenting!

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4 thoughts on “A slight annoyance on this blog

  1. RPM says:

    Now I have turned comment moderation on, which is an annoyance for commenters, but I had to do it. Not sure if it is going to slow down the bastard.

  2. Childish. Well you know how I feel about stupid comments (so impatient, just change the name of my blog!) Why dont people have better things to do?

  3. RPM says:

    @Art: This person really had nothing better to do. He/she actually went to rajesh’s blog as well as Reza’s blog and started doing the same mischief there. Well, I have set moderation on, so it is a little inconvenient for commenters, but at least I don’t have to delete tons of nonsense.

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