Comments being posted in my name

I just found out (thanks for the heads up, Reza) that the idiot who has nothing else to do in life has been posting on other blogs in my name, spreading his/her filth everywhere.

To the people whose blogs I visit or link to, please be advised and please ignore the piece of crap. And sorry about that, in advance.

And that of course raises an important question – how does one identify a commenter? Since different blogging systems allow different user names, and in fact since blogger shows ‘display name’ rather than ‘username’, there is no guarantee that it won’t be repeated.

This nuisance is going to continue.


2 thoughts on “Comments being posted in my name

  1. You could get Haloscan commenting Rpm. It gives you the IP too, don’t know if gives you that, since I haven’t used it in a while now. Haloscan also gives you moderation and IP banning tools.

  2. RPM says:

    @Reza: I can get Haloscan, but that means I have to manage one more ‘system’. Also, getting Haloscan is not going to stop the spammers from using my name on other blogs. 😦

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