Inzamam, Dravid and Moin (and more)

Update: Fantastic post by Anti over here. I am surprised how he is able to put so many pieces together and come back with a tremendous hit back! Great job there!

Inzamam has raised some issue with Indians appealing for his wicket in the last match. He obstructed the ball while he was out of the crease. That is one of the reasons handling the ball is a wicket. So Indians were not wrong in appealing since it is within the rules of the game. Of course, Courtney Walsh has shown in the past that just because there is a rule does not mean you implement it and assume it is sportsmanlike.

I still don’t know what stand I take in terms of the appeal itself. But what I don’t like is the noise it has managed to create. First Inzy writes about it, then Moin Khan (never liked the guy, btw) says it is ‘deplorable’ and then Dravid responds to it saying it was fair and square.

Again, I do not believe Moin can justify that Indians are there to win ‘by hook or by crook’ because of all the teams in the world, I would say the Indians are the most tolerant and much to my dislike, the most docile. They are quite the opposite of ‘by hook or by crook’. And if there is one team which will try to win by hook or by crook it is England. So Moin should first of all apologize for the nonsense and then evaluate his position as a writer/analyst.

As for Dravid, I think he did right by justifying his position.


11 thoughts on “Inzamam, Dravid and Moin (and more)

  1. I think Moin Khan should be left alone.The fact of the matter is that the law of the game suggest that the batsman ought to given out in case like these.The players appealed, the umpire consulted and the decision of was given in favour of the fielding side.Does this in some way violates the spirit of the game?

  2. RPM says:

    Why then, was Courtney Walsh called ‘sportsmanlike’ when he did not run the non striker out while coming on to bowl? Because he chose not to implement a rule which exists in the rule book. Which is what is tearing me right now. On one hand, I feel that India really needed Inzy’s wicket and would have appealed instinctively if nothing else (I did not see the dismissal, only read about it). But on the other hand, they could have just let it go and tried to get him out other ways. I feel I am leaning toward the fact that it is a game and the fielding team appealed because they wanted to get the player out. I don’t think there is anything unsportsmanlike. Why did no one shout when Mohinder Amarnath was given out handling the ball, or Desmond Haynes similarly? And again, my beef is with people like Moin who just like a piece of the action, irrespective of their status. And mind you, I am giving Moin just as an example – nothing against Pakistanis. There are enough such clowns in India too.

  3. Couldn’t resist .. but talking about “hook or crook” its the Pak. team that is well known for it.Well known for the ball tampering tactics they use; And then IND-PAK world cup match, Tendulkar playing in his 90’s got hurt and couldn’t run well, commentator Ramiz Raza openly talks about how Pak bowlers should target 10dulkar’s feet and not the stumps, get him out by “hook or crook” …I agree with Rpm here that Moin shouldn’t be talking rubbish out here. Anyways its funny how Inzy explains himself out here …

  4. Pakistanis known for known their hook and crook tactics? Are you serious? Well not to get my hands dirty in this argument but I agree with RPM here that Moin Khan knows Shit and wants a piece of the pie so to peak but don’t call our Pakistani team a hook and crook team.. Thats childish. Ball tampering that has happened by many teams and if your gonna categorize the whole of the Pakistani team even the current one, then your mistaken and ranting. They used to call Reverse Swing cheating too once. I think the appeal was alright and there was nothing sportmanlike about it, Inzy shoulda known about the rules since he plays cricket professionaly. No excuse. As simple as that. Whining about it doesn’t do anything for anyone.

  5. RPM says:

    @rajesh: Rameez Raja is also a nonsense guy, but he is still ok. You can hear his commentary and tell that he is (like many other new commentators) absolutely not impartial. He tends to speak as if he is a representative of Pakistan team. @Reza: I think the Pakistani team of the late 80’s and early 90’s, with Miandad, Malik et al was quite a rogue team. They would really try to win by hook or by crook. Things have changed recently and Inzy has been a true ambassador. The rest of the youngsters seem to be doing well too. But I do tend to think that those days were quite bad in terms of reputation of the Paki team.

  6. Every team has had a bad patch. But does it mean you take the present and call it the past too like Rajesh did? I could pull out a bag of old and dusty tales for every team out there.. But it doesnt do justice to the team playing currently so lets not throw mud at collective teams. Lets keep it to individuals.Sachin has to to be the best player then I guess cuz he walked himself when he wasnt even out and he knew it? Relative terms. I thinK Inzy was wrong to call it not in the spirit o f the game but lets leave it at that. No need for finger pointing.

  7. RPM says:

    @Reza: I think Pakistan has built a reputation for itself and you know how hard it is to clear a bad reputation. And I do agree with you that the current crop is much much better than those earlier teams that I grew up watching. Nevertheless, I agree that it is not a good idea to generalize, but aren’t we all humans :-)As for Sachin walking, I must say I was baffled. I personally don’t oppose the idea of walking, but when it comes to close calls, I would say let the umpire and TV replays decide. In Sachin’s case I would say it was a bad decision from him to walk. Of course I hate the idea when the batsman is clearly out that they start brushing their elbow guard and such. Deceiving is not a good thing.

  8. RPM says:

    @Reza: I saw it, and it did seem like Malik kicked it. Of course, speaking of sportsman’s spirit, except for a half protest from Zaheer, there was no appeal from any of the Indians. The benefit of the doubt was automatically given to Malik.

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