Ok, enough already with Abhishek and Aishwarya marriage

Everday for the past week, my google news page seems to throw a new media outlet talking about Abhishek and Aishwarya’s supposed marriage plans. I say, enough already!

I do agree that they will make a good pair. I think of it as Bard Pitt/Jennifer Aniston and the wife thinks that it is more like Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie. She thinks Rani Mukherkee would be a Jennifer Aniston to Abhishek’s Pitt. Funny how we think.

Anyway, I am tired of seeing the same news item appear on my news page over and over again. So, please stop the nonsense and stop taking up valuable real estate on my google news page 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ok, enough already with Abhishek and Aishwarya marriage

  1. RPM says:

    Abhishek is still the #1 bachelor in India. Don’t count him out yet, because as I have been reminded daily, they *may* get married. Nothing certain yet 😉

  2. I am not sure if you saw one other take on these developments. That AB, Sr has not quite recovered from his health problems, and they are now keen to have AB Jr married off soon, while AB Sr is still around.. ? Again rumours.. but then, more grist to the mill..!

  3. No that I know of. But he did not attend an awards show recently (where by the way, he got an award for Best Actor for Black, and AB Jr got an award for – hear this – best comedian, for Bunty Aur Babli!). And also apparently he has not restarted shooting, both for films as well as for Kaun Banega.. The operation on him was done by a cancer specialist, as I remember. So there may be something going on. Oh well, hopefully, he will be fine and recover soon, and continue to deliver fantastic performances as he has been doing all along. We pray for his good health and long life.

  4. RPM says:

    @SPM: Cancer specialist, eh? Hmm. I do wish him all the best with his health and pray that he comes out of this stronger and better.

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