Why is shit bleeped out on TV?

I have always had this question, but I never really put it out in the open.

Why is ‘shit’ bleeped out on TV? I may be completely ignorant of some cultural knowledge here, but isn’t ‘bastard’ a worse thing to say on TV in front of kids, than shit?

Why is bastard allowed (saw a rerun Seinfeld where they use bastard) on TV and not shit?


4 thoughts on “Why is shit bleeped out on TV?

  1. Never seen shit beeing bleeped out, though have seen f**** and related terms bleeped out. In Seinfeld they use some ‘phrases’ quite often – true. Ever watched Southpark? You wont believe what they yell out there, and it is supposed to be a cartoon !!

  2. RPM says:

    On network television (NBC, abc, CBS, FOX, etc.) shit is not allowed. I know it because I have been thinking about this for a while.South Park is on cable and they have liberty to enforce whatever rules they want 🙂 Network television is supposed to cater to ‘public viewing’ all the time. Cable channels can decide who they want a particular program catered to, and provide appropriate ratings at the beginning of the show.South Park’s funny, but I never got hooked on to it. Have you watched any show on HBO? Full of curses.

  3. Hmm. It would seem there are many worse things than a bodily function, or the non-paternity of someone. Most of those worse things are what the networks most love to show. Perhaps those words are just to clean for them. 🙂

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