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I am not the tagging types. In fact, I don’t like them. But Art tagged me recently, and rajesh had done it earlier. Today being a holiday, I thought I’d ‘get it out of the way’ πŸ™‚

So here goes the first one …

Ten Years Ago
– came to the US
– called India @$1.20/min!
– cooked for the first time by myself
– walked a mile to get groceries done!

Five Years Ago
– got married
– called india @$0.40/min!
– changed jobs and moved to the West Coast
– did not cook at all
– got a speeding ticket

Last One Year
– Flew by without me noticing it
– started traveling at work
– sold our house
– started living in a rental apartment

– recovered from a trip to napa valley
– played guesstures with cousins
– had Papa John’s pizza for dinner
– had South Indian food for lunch

Five Things Planned for next 5 Years
– have a baby
– get the green card
– visit west indies to see cricket world cup
– have another baby
– work in a coffee shop (own or otherwise)

Five Yummy Things
– Dairy Milk
– Starbucks White Mocha
– Cicero’s pizza
– Cheese/Pineapple/Cherry
– Veggie Max toasted subway with southwest sauce

Five Songs I know by heart-
– Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
– Time – Pink Floyd
– Chitthi Aayi Hai – Pankaj Udhas
– Alive – Pearl Jam
– Right Here Right Now (sort of) – Bluffmaster

Five Things I’d do If I had Money-
– Buy a house
– Get a maid
– Trip to all of Europe for at least 2 months
– buy a coffee shop in the middle of some downtown
– get a lot of electronics

Places I Escape To-
– internet
– starbucks
– TV

TV Shows-
– Entourage
– Friends
– seinfeld
– Everybody loves Raymond
– The OC
– curb Your Enthusiasm

Five Things I Can’t Live Without
– my wife
– internet
– computer
– tv
– sports (to watch!)

Five Things I Can Live Without-
– work
– social obligations
– politics
– jealousy
– backbiters/manipulators

Five Favourite Ethnic Cuisines
– Indian (as in not commercial crap! More the paneer/dossas/pau bhaji/ bhel stuff!!)
– Thai
– Chinese
– Mongolian
– Ethiopian

Five best places to visit
– Bombay
– Lonavala
– Mahabaleshwar
– Bali
– Hawaii

And for this one, I am going to tag Reza, Rajesh, Tarun and Chick Pea.


This one if for the Seven tag from Rajesh:


Seven things I plan to do before I die
* Go on an Europe Vacation
* Watch an F-1 race
* Own a coffee shop
* Learn a new language
* Finally understand world history, now that I don’t have to write essays on it!
* Watch India win the Cricket World Cup
* Read books on a regular basis (I hardly read nowadays!)

Seven Things I can do
* Drive long hours on a beautiful day
* Relax
* Be comforting
* Surf the internet endlessly
* Be patient
* Be analytical in all matters (the wife obviously does not like it)
* Eat the SAME food for 4-5 meals in a row (if it was good)

Seven Things I can’t do

* Cook
* Work out religiously
* Oversleep
* Stay away from watching sports
* Stay unorganized
* Be negative for too long
* Cartwheels

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex

* Facial expressions
* Confident personality
* Understanding
* Sense of humor
* Carefree nature
* Her optimism
* Some common interests with me

Seven Things I say most
* Basically
* Hey
* Yaar
* Essentially
* Arrey
* Bolo (Haa, Bolo)
* Su Chaale Che?

Seven Celebrity Crushes
* Sonali Bendre
* Scarlett Johansson
* Meg Ryan
* Aishwarya Rai
* Priyanka Chopra
* Jennifer Aniston
* Uma Thurman

For this one, I tag Art, Tarun, Reza, Chick Pea


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11 thoughts on “Tagged and Tagged

  1. Oo man. That’s a lot of work Rpm. Now I will have to sit down and figure stuff like that out lol. I’ll do it when I get the time. USC’s is whacking me right now.

  2. RPM says:

    I thought tagging was almost obligatory. I emailed rajesh earlier telling him I did not have time, feeling sorry for not responding πŸ™‚

  3. Lol Rpm, finally you’ve dun it yeah ? Good to know, though never knew that you’re a Pearl Jam fan *kewl*Hmm a new tag stares at me eh? Sounds saaru’ would fil em up, dont know how soon though ;).

  4. RPM says:

    @chick pea: Even one is a big deal! :-)I am not doing these anymore! Reminds me of high school with what we called ‘Slam Books’ πŸ™‚

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