India – not good finishers

Once again, India’s bowlers failed to close out an innings which should have ended at least 80-100 runs earlier. Having a team at 240-odd for 7 wickets with only one recognized batsman remaining should imply that your bowlers need to finish it for less than 275. Maybe 300. Definitely not 400!

Granted, the pitch was playing easier, and the batsmen were playing with more application than the first day’s batsmen. But still, letting the tail wag so much has become a habit for Indians and I hope the new ‘guru’ Chappell is able to address this issue quickly.

On a positive note for India, the bowlers bowled quite well on the first day, not letting England take any advantage batting first. Also, on a positive note, it is good to see Jaffer get his 50. It will relieve a lot of pressure and let him play with a little more confidence and little less jitter.

Now it is up to India to grind the England bowlers out and make sure they don’t have to bat again – being 130-odd for 1 at the end of Day 2 gives them enough time and wickets to create some pressure in the England second innings.

If you notice, since I jinxed the team already in some past post (or maybe it was in some comments on someone’s blog), I am going all the way with the bravado!

Good luck India …


6 thoughts on “India – not good finishers

  1. Yeah, Pathan was not at his best in the morning, Sreesanth got some good purchase but Collingwood watched him through and made sure they crossed 350 !Day 3 – Crucial for India and hopefully they’d gain a good lead.

  2. @Rpm: I haven’s seen the two days play but from wht i read I think India let England slip! We do this often and now we are in doldrums at 190/6. doubt if Indian captains will favour the Nagpur ground again, it either produces dull draws or emabrrassing defeats for us;-)Let’s see how we take it from here! Also another theory , we should never be touted as the side to win, we always perform better when we are underdogs and nothing is expected of us. I wonder somewhere in this hype surrounding team for WC2007 if we are forgetting to play real cricket! Test match cricket is the true stuff remaining versions are merely to please the galleries!!!

  3. RPM says:

    @rajesh: I am not sure if it was lack of commitment or just lack of imagination. I think at some point the bowlers went back to their old ways of trying too hard to get a wicket. When you know that you have to get only 3 wickets and if you can’t get them, the longer you wait, the more frustrated you become. The result is for everyone to see…

  4. RPM says:

    @minal: I am not sure how pretty much the same team (now that there is no ‘negative’ influence of ganguly – snicker) that won one day matches by the dozen under pressure, can cave in so meekly in tests.Yes, the England attack is slightly better than the Pakistani attack and the Sri Lankan attack, but the confidence from the one day series win should have carried over. After all we won the series in Pakistan. That should have counted for something! Well, Nagpur has been the favorite ground for Sachin, hasn’t it? At least statistically 🙂

  5. RPM says:

    @SPM: Australia is undergoing a major transformation – for the worse. They seem to be losing a lot of games they normally tend to win. So in fact I am not sure if any team should compare themselves to the current Australian team.

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