Harbajan must go … and Yuvraj must stay out

Now that India has been pushed to the ropes and is on the verge of losing the first test of the series, it is time to start thinking of the XI for the next match. The one important question that is going to come up, if Yuvraj gets healthy, is how do we accomodate him?

There are a few options that the team may consider:

1. Jaffer out, Yuvraj in … Dravid goes back to opening. Bad idea for two reasons – Jaffer does not deserve to be dropped, and there is no point in losing a specialist opener in the first place.
2. Kaif out, Yuvraj in … Bad idea. Kaif has played well and does not deserve to be dropped.
3. VVS out, Yuvraj in … this could be a possibility since VVS did not fire. Of course if he plays well in the second innings, even this option may be a bad idea. But for now, it looks viable.
4. Yuvraj is out till further notice. I would say that would be a good option. Betwee #3 and this option, the Indian team has a big decision to make.


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