The selectors do decide the playing XI

In one of my earlier posts, I had said that the selectors seem to choose the playing XI in Indian cricket – not the captain, not the coach, not the team management – the selecctors! I was told no, those the were the bad old days, Dravid and Chappell will not allow that, etc.

But look at this article from the latest selection meeting.

More says:

When prodded about “the other opener” – Virender Sehwag failed in both innings here – More refused to take the bait. “He’s one of the best we have,” he said in perfunctory fashion. Enquiries about Harbhajan Singh’s fate, after unflattering figures of 2 for 527 from his last three Tests, met with a guarded response. “We haven’t even seen the pitch yet,” said More. “We’ll go there and decide on an XI after we see the pitch and conditions.”

Of course, it could be that ‘we’ means ‘the team’ … but I have a feeling that ‘we’ means ‘us, the selectors’. So the story is still the same – the selectors rule the roost.

And speaking of selection, so much for youngsters being groomed! VRV had a glorious run at being groomed, didn’t he? And what about Raina? He makes way for our hero, Yuvraj. I can at least try to understand Yuvraj, but Patel for VRV? How is that a just decision for VRV?

Of course, on form, Patel should have been the one chosen in the first place and VRV should have been waiting. But what justifies including Patel now? No logic.


4 thoughts on “The selectors do decide the playing XI

  1. Its hard to please you..!In a domestic series, when the selectors are present, they will discuss the team formation with the manager, captain and seniors. That is natural. It has to fit with the long term plan and there is nothing wrong in that. Why assume that its only the selectors who are deciding the playing eleven?? I am sure this happens even in countries like Australia. In recent days, I had seen Alan Border, chief of selectors, travelling with their team, even on overseas tours.As regards VRV and Raina, the fact is that its a 15 member team, and we need to make way to accomodate someone else. VRV was a borderline case, and since the bowling in Nagpur did not click, its a good idea to get someone in, who has had a good run against this team in the side game. Perhaps just correcting a mistake in the first test selection. Cannot expect them to be perfect, but if they are fixing the error now, lets appreciate instead of finding fault in everything that they do..! Like the cricketers, lets give the selectors a break too, man.

  2. RPM says:

    @SPM: It is not about pleasing me. It is about doing things right. Selectors should have no say in the XI selection. Period. They just happen to be some ex-cricketers, but they are otherwise not equipped and not the right persons to make the playing XI decisions. The players have played together, seen each other in the nets, and generally have a feel about the game itself. The captain and the coach (es) have been formulating a game plan and want to execute on it using a certain set of players. The selectors are administrators and should not bother with the team selection after they choose the squad. My point of this post is to remind you that what I said earlier (which you dismissed as ‘old days’) was right. The selectors do stick their dirty head in the team affairs. As for Border going with the team on overseas tours and such, I am not against the selectors travelling with the team and watching ‘their boys’ play. I am all for that, and in fact, would hope that the selectors watch the games live in person rather than taped on TV. But there is a huge difference between hanging out with the team and influencing or making decisions for the team. The selectors should not touch the team after they choose the squad. And for choosing the squad, they should be made accountable. I say let the selectors be made salaried employees of a company and let their salaries depend on the performance of the players they select. As for changing after realizing they made a mistake, it is good that they did, but what was the point in selecting the team BEFORE that side match was over??? Why not wait till at least that match gets over??? I want to give the selectors a break, but they keep digging their own grave.

  3. All I can repeat is that you are hard to please. Like in other things around the country, things are changing. There cannot be overnight change. Indian team and cricket was sad, unprofessional, unfit, the coach was a joke, selectors would keep picking up junk, etc. etc. Now things are certainly changing. For the better. Give it time for larger changes to happen (selectors as paid employees etc.)!We have no idea if the selectors are coming in the way of the coach and captain in selections. No one has complained so far (Dravid or Chappell) to this effect. Why crib on speculation?

  4. RPM says:

    @SPM: HAHAHA. You are really looking at this more positively than you should. The selectors have not changed, only the coach/captain have changed. Also, you never know what goes on behind the scenes. Just because we have a new coach under whom we won a few one day games does not mean the selectors have upgraded themselves to be more responsible and professional. What have the selectors done that is ground-breaking and shows signs of them becoming good in the future? Dropping Ganguly? No. I think that was a wrong move and in fact I would put that as a negative mark against them. Picking youngsters in the one day squad? Nothing new there. Of late (at least since the John Wright era) we have been good at picking youngsters, some good and some bad, in the one day as well as test squads. Examples are Yuvraj, Pathan, Kaif, Parthiv Patel, etc. all of whom were picked out of the World Cup winning Indian U-19 team. I am not sure which glasses you are looking at these selectors with, because I see them as the same old ‘bunch of jokers’ as Mohinder Amarnath once called them.

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