Michael Schumacher gets podium – what a race by Kimi!

It was quite an interesting race. Fabulous job by Kimi of course. I think he is the best driver with the worst luck. He needs just a little better reliability on his car and he will be unbeatable. On the other hand, Alonso is a great driver with the most solid car.

Michael Schumacher got a podium for the first time after US GP of last year, which was a farce. And if not for a perfect pitstop from Renault or the traffic in front of Schumi around that time, it could well have been P1 for Michael. But that was not to be.

From the post race comments it was clear that Michael is trying to be more philosophical about this year. He has nothing to say about Ferrari last year and so a mellow approach will work best for the team and for himself.

For now it seems like Renault may be the team to beat. McLaren need to get their act together for another tough race coming up and for the rest of the season. And Ferrari just need to keep it solid. It is going to be a very interesting season…


4 thoughts on “Michael Schumacher gets podium – what a race by Kimi!

  1. Schumi couldn’t hold on to his lead and I think Alonso pulled up a nice victory in the end. Well, Kimi – what can I say. He has done it so many times now. McLaren’s problems simply add to his misery.Renault is the team to beat, and Ferrari would need much more from Massa if they have to keep up. Looking at the 1st race he seemed to be completely lost. But then these are early days in the season, have to wait n watch !

  2. RPM says:

    @Rajesh: Massa had a great qualifying and I think the pressure got to him in trying to keep Alonso at bay. He made that critical mistake and never recovered from there. Hope he does better next time around – it can only help make the race for the championship more exciting.

  3. Yes he did have a great qualifying. I happened to see the race and he played it into the hands of Alonso in the 2nd turn right after the start.Of course you have to give him a bit of time and am sure he would be more effective in the coming races and would keep Renault at bay !

  4. RPM says:

    @Rajesh: Yes, he did show his relative inexperience in trying too hard to close the door on Alonso. But here’s hoping to better performances in the upcoming races! I love Ferrari!

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