ipod on Windows itunes is bad

I have been having (always have, actually) a lot of trouble connecting my ipod and getting it to be automatically detected and have itunes open up for transferring music/podcasts to my ipod.

Invariably, the ipod does not get detected in itunes, but only on My Computer. That is usually no good, because I would like the intelligence that itunes provides in determining where I left off on the podcasts on the ipod, and which ones are the new ones on itunes, etc.

And looking at the apple support articles they simply recommend restarting, reinstalling itunes, or some such drastic measure. No simple disconnect/reconnect or “scan again” type of options.

I have a friend who has a mac mini and he keeps repeating the phrase ‘it just works’ and I am wondering if apple has some inbuilt bugs planted into the Windows itunes product just so that people get frustrated enough to jump ship.


5 thoughts on “ipod on Windows itunes is bad

  1. That’s strange .. never encountered this problem (knock on the wood) iTunes shoud detect it … did you try it on any other comp ?? Maybe there’s some setting that’s screwed up or something .. just a wild guess ..

  2. RPM says:

    I don’t know what setting it would be, if there is a setting that is screwing it up, because as soon as I reboot the computer it works as expected. I have not tried it on any other computer – will test it out over the weekend.

  3. @ Rpm – I could find something about formating ur iPod (dunno if you’ve tried that) if that doesn’t work then you can get it replaced if it’s still in the warranty period 😉

  4. RPM says:

    @rajesh: will check out the formatting option, though that is quite a stupid option if that is in fact the resolution.

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