How important was that dropped catch off Pietersen?

How important was that dropped catch by Raina?

From Cricinfo (I happened to watch it live while I was on a conference call!):

20.1 Powar to Pietersen, 2 runs, dropped! Pietersen comes down the track looking to clear the midwicket fence but the shot is not timed well enough and the ball flies down to deep midwicket, Raina moves across quick in the deep and drives across well but fails to hold to a fairly hard chance, that’s a costly miss!

On a slow, turning pitch where runs were tough, Pietersen went on to score 71 out of 225. I just have a sneaky feeling that is a match-winning knock.

Though I would not be surprised if India blast off at the top of the innings (Sehwag saves his spot once again by scoring just when it matters) and makes it home comfortably.

Let’s see.


7 thoughts on “How important was that dropped catch off Pietersen?

  1. Very crucial miss, of course! Pietersen’s innings made all the difference. It was not an easy catch. And Raina is a very good fielder, otherwise. But it was definitely catchable. Now, at 96/5, India is struggling. Perhaps losing. Irrespective of whether we manage to pull it out or not, I guess team changes are in order.Sehwag may be rested (just to make it clear that places are not to be taken for granted), in which case, Dhoni will open with Gambhir. Which is almost like Dravid opening because one of them at least, will depart soon! If Sehwag retains his place, he may be pushed down the order. Also as always, Kaif may be dropped sooner – he made a duck today. And Venugopal Rao gets a look in.Which is not a bad thing.As per me, Venugopal is as exciting a prospect for India’s future (as in WC 07) as is Raina. Both need more chances to stabilise their places.

  2. RPM says:

    @SPM: Right, Sehwag needs to be dropped from the XI for a few games. As it is he was slightly injured earlier and there were some doubts about him playing in the first one dayer. I think he may be afraid that if he sits out, someone can establish the opener’s slot and he may find it tough to get back in. One of the side effects of open selection policy is that someone with such huge stakes (PR-wise, sponsorship-wise) can jeopardize a significant source of income just because they took a break. @Tarun: Yup, did not become too costly, and it was sweet for Raina to win it for India because he would feel less guilty about that dropped catch.

  3. Well, Instead of dropping Sehwag I believe a shuffle in the batting order would do the trick (again this would come in the series of experiments that we have been doing lately). Being sick is a different issue but when he’s fit and not playing well, bringing him say 3-4 down could be something worth a try.Also we cannot keep on dropping players every now and then and create a mockery out there. We might end up with a lot of confusion in the camp.

  4. RPM says:

    @Rajesh: I did not mean dropping him from the squad. I meant dropping him from the XI. He can sit out and India can see if there is any improvement in the scores it is putting up because of a better opening partnership. And yes, chopping and changing is not a good idea, I agree completely.

  5. Just for the record.. my previous comment was posted when India was 96/5 and Raina was in single digits. As it turns out, he has fired and proven my faith in his abilities.. also redeemed himself for dropping Pietersen, and won the game for India.Another awesome come-from-behind victory, spelling supreme confidence in themselves, as a complete team.. not dependent on few individuals. Without Sachin, and with hardly any contribution from Dravid, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Kaif, Harbhajan.. India still managed to win! Feels good..

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