Australia struggling against Bangladesh?

After thrashing Australia on the first day for 350+ and ending up with 427, Bangaldesh has Australia at 145/6. Against most teams, this would smell of an innings defeat.

But I think Australia is not only going to avoid the follow on, they are going to make 300+. Gilly is still in and Brett Lee’s wicket is not easy to get. Australia are too tough a test match side to let this match get away.

I predict an Aussie win. Who else wants to join me?


8 thoughts on “Australia struggling against Bangladesh?

  1. I don’t have a lot of faith in gilly lately. So, while I support OZ for this match like you, but for a different reason. OZ has *whole* new inning left to recover and BD has *whole* new inning left to screw-up 😉

  2. RPM says:

    @Samir: Gilly has been in a major major slump recently, but now that he has settled in, and Australia is under pressure, it does look like this may be the turnaround game for him.Let’s see.

  3. All that we know of Australia and all that we know of Bangladesh says that you are right. But then this could be new history being created. Bangladesh’s big day of glory. With the big SA one day loss still in Australian heads (“chokers”), Bangladesh having nothing to lose and everything to gain, Bangladesh having figured out the Aussie pacers and Warne as well.. heck, who knows?! It would be fun.. Aus losing to Bangladesh. Better still.. an innings defeat. Just the thought of it is fascinating! 🙂

  4. Yes, it happened! Australia survived the scare, Gilchrist played, close as it was, Australia came out on top.. ! Good call you took, early in the game.It required a typical Ponting innings to get them to victory. If there is one man you can trust on a big occasion, it has to be Ponting (and if its two, then add Dravid to that list!). A huge big-game player he inherits that crown from Steve Waugh perfectly. For that matter, Border was one too.. what is it about these Aussie captains, man? Real strong heads. Awesome temperament.

  5. RPM says:

    @SPM: Yea, I made that call knowing that it is Australia, who have come back from many such situations, and it is Bangladesh, who would have a lot of potential for choking after the second day. Aussies pulled it off. Gilly did bat well and got them truly back in the game. Ponting is the best batsman in the world, period. He has a knack of, like you said, coming up with BIG knocks – these are not necessarily large scores, but the times at which they have come, they have been invaluable. If he is not Mr. Dependable, I would like to remove that word from the dictionary. Hats off to him and the Aussies.

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