Mike Gascoyne out at Toyota

Toyota fired Mike Gascoyne as technical director last week. It is a shame because I think it was not because of his performance (after all, they were 4th in the constructors’ championship last year, weren’t they?) but because of personal issues with the team.

From all the reports I have read, it seems it was an amicable exit. He gets paid to the end of the year and they get to start (almost) the season with a new guy. But why they had to do it after a few races into the season, I don’t understand. If they wanted the new guy (Pascal Vasselon) to settle down and take control, it should have been towards or at the end of the last season, so he can start working on finer details in the off season.

Oh well, with such a huge budget (second highest?), I guess the management needs to see better results and has lesser and lesser patience with the passing of every race.

Hope they do well, because they have decent drivers and should be doing better than what they have done this year.

Good luck!


4 thoughts on “Mike Gascoyne out at Toyota

  1. i thought you might want to know this but the hick is back and has been posting shit all over the internet in my name and yours as well. He posted a very vulger message on some random person’s blog and posted it back to my website

  2. RPM says:

    @leenz: I feel sorry for both of them – Ralf and Trulli are both good drivers and they should not be struggling. Toyota needs to pull up their socks, never mind the one podium this year. I am sure someone up in Japan is looking at the expenses and results and wondering what is missing :-)@reza: thanks for the heads up. I have learnt to let the barking dogs bark. I also realized the futility of stooping to his low level, so I am going to let it be and blame my bad luck that I rubbed him off the wrong way :-(Sorry for the harm he is causing you. 😦

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