So much for the worst division in the NBA

With Lakers beating Phoenix (Kobe for MVP!) today, they made it to the playoffs and I think Sacramento also made it to the playoffs.

That means the pathetic Pacific Division is going to send 4 teams to the playoffs out of 5, in a very competitive Western Conference. Before the season started, this division was supposed to be a dud, with the Clippers and Warriors being the perennial losers, the Lakers massively rebuilding, and the Kings not playing to their real potential of late. But look what happened … !

Of course, I am not sure which teams besides Phoenix will make it to the second round, but to even make it to the playoffs is a big deal.

Kobe Bryant for MVP!!


2 thoughts on “So much for the worst division in the NBA

  1. What’s really sad is that Denver gets a 3 seed in the playoffs and they have the same record as the Lakers. What Kobe would do to be seeded #6 instead of #7 in the bracket. The Lakers would definitely advance if they had to meet the Nuggets in the first round. Oh and the Eastern Conference still sucks. With the exception of Detroit an Miami the conference is garbage and having 4 playoff teams at .500 or lower is the definition of pathetic.

  2. RPM says:

    @Mr. W: No kidding … if only Lakers were playing Denver. Phoenix will be tough to beat 4 times. Eastern Conference sucks as usual … and I will not be watching any of those games till maybe the Conference finals. Western Conference on the other hand, has all the matchups quite exciting … and I will be following them throughout the playoffs.

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