Help the New Orleans Public Library

New Orleans Public Library is asking for any and all hardcover and paperback books to restock the shelves after Katrina. The library staff will assess which titles will be designated for the shelves. The rest will be distributed to destitute families or sold for library fundraising. The books can be sent to:

Rica A Trigs, Public Relations
New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, LA70112-2007

If you tell the post office that the books are for the library in New Orleans, they will give you the library rate that is less than book rate. Good way to clean out those books you won’t read again and write the donation off your taxes.

Please share this information with your friends and family …

It is a great opportunity to help. If you don’t have books, they have a fund for donations at:


4 thoughts on “Help the New Orleans Public Library

  1. funny how now you want to help us but you wrote a post earlier which said of the people of louisiana “ever wonder why those idiots stay poor”

  2. RPM says:

    @katie: what is your point? Can’t I say that the idiots will stay poor with the attitude they have, and at the same time help the Library?

  3. so because we didn’t want a usc billboard in baton rouge we are idots. P.S. I am friends with the daughter of the owner of Lamar the company that was suppose to put up the billboard here. The reason it didn’t go up was because the owner is a huge LSU fan and didn’t want to put it up. Besides Baton Rouge is in no need of any more money right now. Baton Rouge is anything put poor right now. Stuff here is actually booming with so many people coming from New Orleans. Hell the company that put up the billboard near your campus very well might need the business more than lamar right now.

  4. RPM says:

    @katie: I think vandalism does count as an excuse to call some people idiots. No form of vandalism is an acceptable thing. Protest, yes. But threat to break things and destroy property? No. So yes, I will stick with my statement. Please bear in mind that I am of course generalizing and not all the people in Louisiana are idiots or boring or hicks or anything. Some of you may actually be decent, normal human beings. But most of the comments I have seen from LSU folks have ‘idiot’ written across …Coming to this post … I have deliberately put it on my blog. I want to make a point – that I am all for helping the state which has seen a lot of destruction. And that was EXACTLY my point earlier – if some guy in Louisiana has enough pull to get people to donate 10K for a stupid billboard, why not help his own state, which does need the donation? Maybe not Baton Rouge, but as is clearly evident, the New Orleans Public Library would love 10K at this point.And why is it funny if I am trying to help? (relates to your first comment)Unlike guys from LSU, I think. Unlike guys from LSU, I do have other things on my agenda than vandalism (not only restricted to billboards, but also to other blogs, other blogs’ readers’ blogs, etc.). I am sorry, if they had the power to be so balanced, they may have been elsewhere, not at LSU.

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