American Dreamz

Watched American Dreamz last night. I was expecting something totally different from what I saw. I thought it was going to be out someone who wins a spot in the competition and how her life changes and stuff like that. But what I saw was an amazingly funny and sarcastic way of looking at the current state of affairs – from the egotistic guy who runs the show, the show’s popularity obviously fueling his ego, the girl who would do anything to get the fame, the goofball President (who speaks quite like the current President – no coincidence wink wink), the bald Vice President who wants to create fear of terrorism no matter what (no coincidence again, wink wink), the President’s wife with a sharp Southern accent (Laura, anyone?) and the rich Middle Eastern family in Orange County hosting a terrorist who actually wants to enjoy American life.

I laughed very hard in the movie. You should go watch it too.


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