IM language and fun stuff

I use IM a lot. Mostly for work, but also to catch up with friends and family. But the thing is that I have not gotten used to the IM language – things like “b4”, “cu”, “l8r”, etc. I can probably understand most of it, but I NEVER end up using those.

Perhaps because I use IM a lot at work and I would like to stay away from the informal language, but whatever it is, I am using IM as a faster way to email 🙂

And yea, it does make me feel old when I talk to some of the younger people on my list.

And the other thing that I am not up to speed with is the usage of various smileys, icons and most importantly, changing names and away messages. I have a photo in my Trillian which makes it the same on all mediums, but I have set it once and changed it once in the last 5 years! I have seen people change their name multiple times a day and people changing their images almost every day!! So much time and so much drive 🙂


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