Lets get it over with – NFL draft

I am so tired of this unending coverage of the NFL draft. Lets just get it done and over with!

There. It is off my chest.

Now, coming to a part of the endless, meaningless coverage … happened to watch Cold Pizza this AM and noticed Skip Bayless picking Vince Young as #1 for Texans. He actually went on to say later that Matt Leinart will not be in the top 10. Also, he said in response to a question ‘Where do you see Young, Cutler and Leinart in 10 years’ that Leinart will be busy taking up Ashton Kutcher type of roles!

Skip Bayless is a loone. I gave up on him when he wrote in the Mercury News and I think he just likes to create some ripples and splashes by taking weird stances on pretty much any topic. I remember early on in the season (or maybe it was the last season) he said Matt Leinart was a stud and suddenly, after one loss he thinks Leinart is just a chocolate hero. I think Bayless is jealous with all the coverage Leinart is getting, what with his ESPN Sportscenter modules and his Draft diary on ESPN.com.

Skip is useless.


2 thoughts on “Lets get it over with – NFL draft

  1. My favorite thing he ever said was that Troy Aikman shouldn’t be in the hall of fame because he needed the great cowboys offensive line for him to pass. Every quarterback needs a good offensive line to do well.

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