What an irony – Reggie goes to New Orleans

What an irony for New Orleans, especially fans of LSU. The team they detest for quite some time now, has sent their hero to their NFL team, to save the team, to bring them back from the doldrums they hit after the tragedy. How will they resist saying USC, National Champions, etc. when they mention their #1 pick?


4 thoughts on “What an irony – Reggie goes to New Orleans

  1. actually for the most part lsu fans and saints fans are two completly different sets of fans. There are alot of die hard Saitns fans in New Orleans but once you get outside of the general New Orleans area the saints fanbase dies off quickly. Most people from Northern Louisiana where I am originally from are Dallas Cowboy fans. And the saints fans that go to lsu with me are happy they got reggie bush but don’t think that will make their hard feelings towared USC go away. Not as ironic as you might think

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