Addiction – Save the Planet

Just thought I’d put some nice links to look for conservation of natural resources and how you can contribute to saving the planet. and Yahoo’s Celebration of Earth Day.

Update: Check what Whole Foods is doing and what Starbucks is doing


13 thoughts on “Addiction – Save the Planet

  1. RPM says:

    @katie: I remember only last year, when prices started touching $2, that everyone was screaming and shouting about it. Now it is about to touch $4!

  2. RPM says:

    @katie: exactly … and the more we learn and educate, the better. it is a question of brainwashing some friends and family and have them brainwash their friends and family. besides contributing directly, there are things like what Whole Foods is doing and what Starbucks is doing . My problem is that most people forget to think about long-term effects of abusing the planet.

  3. Save the planet?? There’s so much to be done. Just as an example ..I dont think you would see more than 1 person in a 4 wheeler anyime soon. And then goes hour long discussions (media)on – the rising gas prices and polluing the env. and saving resources.For one, these guys haven’t learnt to “conserve”. I bet they will learn – the hard way.Huge stickers of “Save Energy” and ” Save Energy – Use Revolving Doors” are put up. don’t understand why though.Just go to the dwntwn after office hours. What’s with the illumination ? Have they forgotten to switch the lighs off? Not every evening right ? Say a high riser has 60 floors, each floor has about 100 bulbs. Now these are never turned off they are ON 24×7. I never understood this and never would. But, here’s the thing. If we can see what needs to be done and what’s wrong, why can’t the govt. or the residents ? Oh yeah.. why does the govt care? Rulers know what to do when they forsee a shortage. Attack others and grab their resources. Even if the country is across the globe, they become potential threats all of a sudden.I’m sure the next generation or the one next to that would accuse us of being selfish, You could overhear them say – so selfish that “they” used up all the freaking resources and went polluting earth all along. I dont disagree, I’d be pissed off too.Its high time the campaign geared up – esp in this country.

  4. RPM says:

    @rajesh: yes, and one thing is to join local organizations which are educating the people about exactly these things. Joining a grassroots organization is better than going for big names.

  5. Yeah thats true. But there are things that one should know and start implementing . In fact we all know and all it takes is to be more careful and a bit of sacrifice.

  6. 1. Gas prices vs inflation.. we were discussing in a different forum about factors influencing inflation. If there was not such a huge worldwide economic boom, wouldn’t there have been huge protests over gas prices – and action by car manufacturers and the like, as a result? Like they had in 70s and 80s?! But today gas prices have creeped to these levels, with hardly a whimper. We are discussing this here, but what specific reduction have we made, in terms of our gas consumption for that matter? I know I haven’t done much. 2. It takes a LOT to think of the future and act for the future. When I was on holiday recently, down in South India, I was on a guided tour through some plantations. And first we were shown some tall trees, which produce some of the finest wood / timber, and also informed that it takes like 40-50 years for anything worthwhile to happen from the time the seed is sowed. And later in the same tour, we passed through their nursery section. And I saw these couple of old persons, making those bags for planting new seed, of those same trees. Extremely meticulously working, with a lot of passion and interest.. for something that may bring results long after they are gone from this world. It struck me like a bullet. How many of us really do things of this kind, where it is completely clear that the benefits are going to be reaped by the next generations, and not us! And still the effort is with as much sincerity, dedication, devotion and passion.. ! Awesome..

  7. RPM says:

    @rajesh: Yes, all it takes is discipline. Some active thought process will make discipline easier. I know, it is easier said than done, especially because we have formed bad habits growing up and living in the US probably does not help the cause at all. After all, it is a nation of excesses. @spm: Yes, same thought there too. Thinking ahead is what is missing today. People may wonder what use is the extra step of separating trash from recycle since it does not impact them right here, right now. But if we could see a few more years down the road, we’ll see it *will* impact us in a big way. Sigh.

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