Television state of affairs in America

I recently found out that Heist on NBC was on hiatus (or perhaps cancelled). This is yet another cancelled show which was building up a story in each episode towards a final goal (Reunion was the other). Why do network execs cancel such shows and annoy their loyal viewers? I don’t know what the plan is for Heist and I agree I liked Reunion build up better than Heist’s, but I did watch Heist and I wanted to know how they were planning to pull off the big one. I don’t think I am going to find out how.

On the other hand, So You Think You Can Dance is back and Skating With Celebrities went all the way. Trading Spouses had multiple seasons and Bachelor/Bachelorette ran forever.

I am almost beginning to think America cannot handle intellectual/meaningful shows. America wants to see how other people behave and ridicule themselves on television. Cheap, senseles, meaningless drama enacted as reality TV is basically the order of the day, and frankly, I am losing interest in watching any television now.

Of course, there are saving graces like The Office, ER and Scrubs. But I understand even Scrubs is on the bubble. I won’t be surprised if it gets canned.

I wonder if CBS’ Innertube type of experiments will cater to smarter Americans who are interested in some of the “non-mainstream” shows?


2 thoughts on “Television state of affairs in America

  1. RPM says:

    @chick pea: You know, I have a feeling someone at NBC does not like Scrubs. They have been pushing Scrubs around like a step child. Sometimes Tuesdays, sometimes Thursdays, sometimes early start in the seaosn, sometimes late, etc. The fact that it is still getting reasonable audience, says that the show has a good, loyal audience. Why screw around, NBC? And the same Fox that made Arrested Development go on forever, cut Reunion halfway through a 20-year journey!!! PATHETIC!

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