European GP

Brilliant racing by Michael Schumacher gave him a comfortable win over Fernando Alonso in the European GP. That run by Schumacher when Alonso pitted for the second time was amazing, and that is the typical Schumacher that we all know – going flat out when he needs to, and making the other team pay for their strategic mistake. Of course, Ferrari pit crew also needed to make a clean, fast stop and they did. Classic stuff.

So Michael Schumacher, and not Kimi, is the biggest threat to Alonso in the championship hunt, looks like. But at the same time, since Alonso does not lose too many points per GP, he is going to be extremely tough to beat. The other drivers will need a couple of DNF’s from him in order to make this championship exciting.

I am sorry, but McLaren Mercedes are not competitive at all. What is the point of having fast drivers when the car is not reliable? First of all, they were not able to qualify higher than P6 and then as JPM was making a charge towards the end, he lost his car and Kimi just couldn’t push hard enough to pass Massa.

Has Kimi lost motivation since he may not be at McLaren next year? Has he signed a deal already?


7 thoughts on “European GP

  1. RPM says:

    @chick pea: Thanks for the comment, but there is absolutely no need for it … it was expected that they were going to lose. Much as I would have liked it, this young team did not deserve to win against a much superior Phoenix Suns.

  2. and.. did you known that there were rumours that renault hacked encrypted communications of ferrari team? haha, that seems like a bad joke now πŸ˜‰

  3. Good race Y’day ;)Kimi’s doomed and I used to feel for him but now-a-days its usual for McLaren to have some problem or the other.What say Kimi to Ferrari next year πŸ™‚

  4. RPM says:

    @rajesh: So many possibilities – Kimi to Ferrari, but with whom? Michael and Kimi will be a rocking team. Also, maybe JPM and Alonso may be a good team on paper, but if McLaren will continue to be pathetic like they are today, then I think it is a bad idea for Alonso. But if Kimi goes to Renault and they continue to be as good, it may be the best shot for Kimi at the Championship.

  5. Fantastic race as far as I’m concerned. Was fascinating to see Fernie setting a fastest lap time just to be bettered by Michael on the next lap… A Schumi-Kimi partnership at Ferrari would be dynamic and I hope it comes to pass…but its still too early to tell…Kimi’s not letting the rabbit out of his hat as yet…so we’re just gonna have to wait it seems…As for the Championship this year…I think we all need to see a couple of DNF’s for Alonso in the coming races…Go Michael!!!Forza Ferrari!

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