NBA picks for next round

I don’t know why the Lakers haters are calling me and posting comments for me. If you saw my earlier post, I had the Lakers losing in the first round.

I was just happy that the Lakers made it to the playoffs this year. I did not expect that at all. I think it happened because of the 11-3 run at the end of the season and also because the other bubble teams imploded at the same time.

But the fact that Lakers took 3 games off Phoenix made the series more interesting and in fact brought more interest for me to follow them next year even more closely.

Anyway, my picks for the second round:

San Antonio over Dallas
Clippers over Phoenix (if Lakers can take 3, Clippers will win it in 5!)

Nets over Miami
Detroit over Cleveland

I would love Cleveland to beat Detroit even at the risk of getting LeBron more hype. I think I can ignore that hype but not Detroit’s πŸ™‚

And of course, I am rooting for the Clippers now. I do not want Raja Bell to have any more fun at the expense of Kobe.

Can you imagine Raja Bell is given a hero’s welcome in Phoenix after he floored Kobe on National TV???? Pathetic state of affairs. I hated the guy when he played for Dallas and I still hate him.


7 thoughts on “NBA picks for next round

  1. RPM says:

    @chick pea: I don’t like them. Plus a couple of my friends who HATE the Lakers, LOVE the Pistons. I don’t want to hear from them for the next whole year :-)I think they have an easy path to the NBA Finals, frankly. But I think if they get the Spurs, they will lose. All other teams from the West will be beat.

  2. pistons fans ROCK.we’re loyal.hell, i was raised in LA but still am a piston fan…hate the ugly hollywood lakers… born in DTW… and they will fly into the finals.. and if they do, will get some tickets and have fro vs fro fights :)katie:philly fans are fanatical.. they put raider fans to SHAME

  3. RPM says:

    I agree, Philly fans are crazy. I have a friend who went to an Eagles game and he was shocked to hear some of the comments that came out from people’s mouths. Of course, I cannot compare it to the Black Hole, but I can tell you, those words were not polite. They had to do with family, and they had to do with death!!

  4. i remember when the eagles fans cheered michael irvin being taken off on a stretcher with his neck in a harness. I guess because i went to a game between the hornets and pistons in new orleans and i never saw so many fights between fans in my life and it was a month after that malice at the palace is why Detroit’s fans kind of topped my list of worst behaviored for a while.

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