Spanish GP

What a pathetic race it was. Boring from the start. Of course, it may partly be because I did not want such a runway race where Alonso, from the start, created enough margin to keep everyone else at bay. I would have liked a closer race, with perhaps some passing.

In the end, the most exciting part of the race for me was the start by Kimi – jumping up 4-5 spots to be #5 after the first corner was brilliant. But after that, status quo remained and JP’s spin made only one McLaren finish and therefore reduce any chances of closing the gap between the fronrunners.

Suddenly, Ferrari is within a DNF or two distance from the lead in the constructors’ championship. I would race the drivers’ championship is locked up at this point because Renault and particularly Alonso do not look like a team/driver who would push too hard to get more points if they think it is safer to lose position but get enough points to buffer their lead. Smart thinking, nothing wrong with it.

Congratulations to Alonso. Great race for him in front of his home crowd. With the passion that the Spaniards show for their champions, it was quite an amazing performance from Alonso to win it.


4 thoughts on “Spanish GP

  1. Pretty perfect drive from Fernando! The bugger didn’t make a single mistake!! A quiet race by the Mclarens…Ferrari must have been disappointed to see their car so off Renaults pace…Michael looked totally unimpressed in the post-race press conference…I think he had every reason to be.Bring on Monte Carlo, I say!

  2. RPM says:

    @ferrarista: I was so bugged with the race, I deleted the recording even before the post-race conference 😦

  3. U didn’t miss much…just Michael’s stern/dejected/totally unimpressed look and a few words from him…Weirdly enough, Fisi looked as remorseful as Michael did…

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