Bit the bullet … Yahoo Music Unlimited

After months of waiting and resisting myself, I finally decided to subscribe to the Yahoo Music Unlimited subscription service. It is a neat concept, though not new (Real Rhapsody had it for a while) … but at 5 bucks a month, it trumps anything else in the market.

I never liked iTunes for music and I always have been a big fan of LaunchCast from Yahoo. The matching engine that Yahoo has built is pretty neat. In Launch, I almost never have to skip songs anymore.

And now, with YMU, the same is done with albums, artists and songs. The recommendations are quite cool and I have so many songs/albums already added to My Music. The bookmarking feature is cool – so now, anytime I have an internet connection, I can listen to any song on demand.

Looking forward to using it a lot …


2 thoughts on “Bit the bullet … Yahoo Music Unlimited

  1. True, for 5 bucks may be i can live with the feeling of not ‘owning’ any music at end of the day. Though my coworker keeps reminding me that he got in at 2.99/mo deal!

  2. RPM says:

    @samir: yes, I was tempted to sign up at that time, but I felt cheated to be paying for being a beta tester!! After all, they did have a ton of bugs at the time … not to say that they are bug-free today … the YME is a memory leaker, I think.

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